Server emergency
Web Server

Apache – NGINX – LiteSpeed … 

Mail Server

SMTP Server – IMAP Server – POP3 Server 

Backup Server

Mit Dedicated Server – Vserver – NAS Server 

Configurable server services and Programming

Server emergency : Under Windows and Linux Server we can configure a variety of server services and applications.
Here is just a small excerpt :

  • Apache Webserver

  • Fax Server

    (incl. Fax to Mail Gateway)

  • SFTP Server

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

    User database with PHPldapAdmin

  • DHCP Server

    also with ( LDAP connection), DNS server

  • SSH remote access

  • Database Bank

    (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracel)

  • VPN Server

  • Terminal servers, remote desktop applications

  • Router/Firewall

    (Port or SIP)

  • NF Server

    (also with Kerberos encryption)

  • encrypted disks/servers

  • Services for network-based calendars, address books, tasks

  • cloud solution


  • File Sharing

    for laptops, mobile phones and tablets

  • Data transfer via internet browser

  • Automatic backup

    with notification function

  • Video surveillance servers

    (zone minder)

  • Raid System

Data protection and data backup with a hybrid business server Server conceptionConstructionresiliency

Server emergency : EhsanGraph's Server-Team Hybrid Business Server is based on a current Linux OS the Debian distribution with an integrated virtual machine for the parallel Microsoft Windows server.

The advantage of this combination lies in the hardware side Independence. The system can be operated on any sufficiently powerful hardware.

In the event of damage, even a moderately equipped client computer is sufficient to be able to operate all of the server's functions. Even licensing problems that often occur with MS Windows when replacing hardware.

 can be excluded by using the virtual machine.

 Furthermore, a complete copy of the server with all programs and settings can be created or restored in just a few minutes. After restoring such a copy (also called an image)

 then only the changed data from the backup is imported.

The server system is equipped with a UPS (independent power supply) to prevent data loss in the event of a power failure and to ensure a controlled shutdown of the system.

Various protective functions are also integrated in the UPS (e.g. overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, etc.) to protect the server from damage.

Data Provisioning and Backup

Server emergency : Data is provided separately according to user, intended use and security aspects in separate network releases based on the SAMBA service (file releases for Windows, Linux and MAC).

 This data is backed up once a day to both an internal hard drive and one of two external hard drives.

 The external hard drive is exchanged for the second hard drive by an authorized person at a fixed interval (e.g. once a week) so that there is always a backup outside of the company building.

 This is considered a precautionary measure against disasters such as fire, lightning or flooding and as protection against theft.

Critical data that is stored within the virtual machine is also backed up once a day to a data release available for this purpose, and is thus included in the main backup.

Also included in the backup are images of both operating systems, which are created by the administrator as required (installation of critical updates, programs or services).

 This significantly accelerates recovery in the event of damage.

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