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We optimize your website for Google and establish the rankings permanently!

SEO We improve websites with regard to SEO-relevant aspects and thus ensure good rankings and more visitors.

200 ranking factors determine how your website is ranked in the search results. With the help of SEO analyzes we find optimization approaches and our derived SEO measures lead you to the top of the search results in the medium term.

With our SEO measures, we make companies and businesses in the Frankfurt area visible on the web and ensure that they are also noticed in local and regional terms. Would you like your company to be at the top of the Google & Co. hit list in the local search of your potential customers? Then you should find out how our SEO agency companies in the Frankfurt area can effectively support you.

39 / 5,000 Translation results Translation result What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) includes all measures taken to improve the Google ranking of a website. These are divided into on-page measures (visible and invisible) and off-page measures (invisible). Google "rewards" websites that provide their readers with unique content.

  • Local SEO Audit & Strategy
  • OnPage Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Citation Audit & Cleanup
  • Citation Building
  • Local link building
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Generate new customers and long-term inquiries
  • Benefit from a better presence in search engines and company portals
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website
  • Increase brand awareness of your company
  • Market your service in a contemporary way
  • Create more trust with potential & existing customers through active online reputation management
  • Maintain your long-term competitiveness

What is SEO or Local SEO?

In addition to classic SEO, there is Local SEO – the so-called local search engine optimization. Here, an attempt is made to achieve a high ranking for relevant search terms in the search results with a website in a specific geographic area.

For many companies, the importance of SEO already clear and they would like to become active on the net or already are. However, many companies are not aware that they do not actually need classic SEO, but local SEO.

Because local SEO is hugely important for shops and businesses with a physical location (such as lawyers, accountants, restaurants, doctors, dentists, etc.) or businesses that serve customers in a specific region, so-called service area businesses (such as handymen, plumbers , painters, key emergency services, etc.). But local online marketing is also of great importance for corporate chains or franchise companies.

Local SEO includes all the rules of the well-known classic SEOs, but also a few important extra rules that must be observed.

As far as first explained very factually and soberly. But how exactly does Google and Co. measure which website is allowed to appear on the first page?

First of all, it should be said that high positions cannot be achieved overnight. Search engine optimization is a sustainable process that takes time.

Google and Co. use many factors to decide why a website is worth being at the top of the search results. There are currently over 200 different ranking factors that Google takes into account when choosing positioning. Technical factors, relevance, usability (user friendliness) and of course the quality of the content of a page play a major role here.

Another aspect that has become enormously important is user signals – i.e. certain signals that visitors to your site send to Google. This happens automatically without you necessarily noticing. Important signals are:

  • Is your page clicked for the search query entered? If yes, how often? (Relevance)
  • How long do visitors stay on your site? Does the visitor find what he is looking for?
  • Are other pages of the website called up?
  • How quickly does the visitor leave your website and then click another search result?

These measured key figures show how high quality and, above all, what added value the displayed content - i.e. images, texts, videos, etc. on a page - has for the visitor. Was he able to find the information he was looking for or did he have to search on other websites?

With a website check, we can find out which SEO optimization measures would make sense for your website and which have already been implemented.

Goals and benefits of search engine optimization (SEO):

Better Google rating :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes your website according to Google's guidelines, which allows Google and other search engines to rank your site better.

More visibility and reach on the web:

Due to the positive rating, your site will increase in the Google ranking through search engine optimization (SEO). Your Visibility Index improves. The higher your position in search results, the easier it is for your website to be found.

Increase in awareness and trust:

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases your presence in organic search results. This in turn creates trust. In addition, you will be visited more often the more popular you are displayed to users. Because search engines, such as Google, are usually the most important channel for attracting new visitors.

Zugewinn an potenziellen Neukunden:

Part of search engine optimization (SEO) is also improving your conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization increases traffic, and with it, customer inquiries. You will soon notice this in your sales and profit.

Increase in company value:

Through conversion rate optimization, we establish a fully automated new customer process for you. Search engine optimization also helps you recruit talent. If your company is organically fully viable, potential partners and investors will actively approach you in addition to customers and specialists. This will also make it easier for you to find a suitable successor when the time comes.

High cost efficiency:

As an inbound marketing channel, search engine optimization addresses your target group exactly. Due to the high accuracy in addressing, SEO converts interested users into qualified leads and later into possible sales. Through targeted control, SEO gives you the same visibility as AdWords, but in comparison it is significantly more sustainable and cheaper than advertisements.

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