PC emergency service in Frankfurt am Main

PC-Service Frankfurt am Main


Ihr Drucker streikt? Der PC-Service Frankfurt am Main ist ihr erster Ansprechpartner für alle Probleme rund um PC und Internet. Egal ob Sie in Seckbach, Harheim oder Fechenheim wohnen – unsere Experten sind jederzeit für Sie telefonisch erreichbar. Wählen Sie einfach die oben angezeigte Telefonnummer und schon werden Sie mit einem unserer IT-Profis verbunden. Dank unseres großen Experten-Netzwerks haben wir für jedes Problem den passenden Spezialisten um Ihnen zu helfen. So einfach war PC-Support übers Telefon noch nie! Rufen Sie jetzt an und lassen Sie sich unverbindlich beraten!

How does our PC service work


  1. Call one of the IT specialists at Computer service Frankfurt on the number shown.
  2. During the free and completely non-binding initial consultationsimply describe your problem to the IT expert.
  3. The expert estimates the costs and duration of the necessary repair measures free of charge.
  4. You download a remote maintenance program that gives the IT specialist temporary access to your computer and can start the PC repair.

You do not need any previous knowledge and will be guided through the complete PC repair over the phone.

30 minutes only €29

Typical PC problems are solved in 30 minutes


We are there for you with these computer problems:

Since every computer problem is individual, we first assess your concern free of charge and without obligation. Our experts often help with these and other topics, for example:

  • Malware, such as viruses or Trojans
  • Operating system issues (Windows, Mac OS and Linux)
  • Data recovery and backup
  • Hardware problem, such as non-working printers
  • Software installations such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite and many more
  • Maintenance and repair of notebooks, laptops and computers

In any case, call PC-Service Frankfurt am Main and we will advise you on your computer problem.

That's what the PC Service Frankfurt am Main costs

There are no hidden costs or fees.

  • 24 Stunden nachdem Sie den Fall für abgeschlossen erklären, erhalten Sie eine detaillierte Rechnung.
  • This can be paid for with immediate transfer, SEPA direct debit (as a guest via PayPal), credit card (as a guest via PayPal) or PayPal.

Where is it? EhsanGraph Service priced?


Since we work via remote maintenance, we can solve your PC problem very cheaply. Here we have some common ones Computer problem listed for you together with the usual solution time:*

example case

duration (estimate)



< 30 min


Mac stürzt ab

< 30 min



30 – 60 min

29€ – 55,70€


45 min


Heimnetzwerk erstellen

45 min



60 – 120 min

55,70€ – 109,10€

*Please note that the price depends solely on the duration of the individual case (see prices). The listing is based on our extensive experience and case averages and is intended to give you an idea of what to expect.

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